Sunday, 5 October 2014

Écosocialisme ou barbarie -- Une critique modern du capitalisme

Dear friends,

together with my comrade Bruno Kern, I had written/published an important text in German, English, French and Spanish before I could get my English language blog made by a friend. All four versions of the text – Eco-Socialism or Barbarism: An Up-to-date Critique of Capitalism – were therefore posted on the German language website of ours, i.e. of the Initiative Eco-Socialism. Because of the language barrier, non-German readers hardly visit a German language website. This text therefore remained unknown to the greater part of the public for whom it was meant. I am now posting the French version on this blog.

If you know potentially interested people in French reading countries, I would be much obliged if you could inform them about the availability of this text. The English and Spanish versions are being posted separately on this blog.

With best wishes

Saral Sarkar


Écosocialisme ou barbarie –

Une critique modern du capitalisme


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